Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Adding your web/blog page to our Link List

If you would like to add your name and web/blog page to our link list, then please send your details to ebook_sp@ymail.com. Once you are added to our link list, you will remain there till the end of the year, where a new contract will be drawn up for 2013.

The price for promoting your web/blog page with us has been reduced due to the fact that we are now part way through 2012 and we are now only charging £10 (aprox $16 at time of publishing)

Please note that Facebook profiles and those of similar design, cannot be added as pages in our Author Brochure. Any web/blog pages that are reported or become offensive to others will be removed immediately without a refund. You may challenge this course of action and/or rectify any complaints made, and if approved, your web/blog page will be re-added and you may continue to promote with us.

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